Milder Blip.

3rd March 2022

It was a milder day on than of late with the freezing level rising to around 1100 metres. It was noticeable that some sheltered areas where holding onto the colder are as two of the photos below show. This often happens when the temperature changes significantly, and can occur on a variety of scales such as the small scale shown in the photos, or on a much larger scale. Deep enclosed coires can temporarily hold onto the cold air, and if a mild spell is brief it can have much less of an effect in such a coire compared locations at higher altitude but exposed to the weather.

Turning colder with fresh snow forecast overnight and through much of the day tomorrow. With the surface of the snowpack already hard in icy in many locations, it just just going to become more harder and icier in exposed locations after todays warmth.

The wall of the ptarmigan restaurant in a location sheltered from the wind. You can see there is a nice dry frosting of snow. This sheltered spot was holding onto the cold air, and the snow had not yet started to thaw. 

An icicle exposed to the wind at the edge of the ptarmigan building with water dripping off it. Where exposed to the warm winds things were damp and just starting to thaw. 

No great views today, visibility was poor at higher areas. 

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