Firmer snow this morning

21st March 2021

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Today started colder and the snowpack had refrozen at most levels during the night. The snow gradually softened as the freezing level rose during the day. The snowpack is gradually thawing and some holes are developing at lower levels and glide cracks around coire rims and crag aprons.

Looking into the ciste gully, there are some holes to be careful of lower down but cover is better higher up.

Several natural hazards lower down in the ciste gully, these holes will remain a hazard as the snow continues to thaw and diminish at this height.

A crack behind the coire rim above Cnap Coire na Spreidhe, at the far end of this there has been a cornice collapse triggered avalanche. There is a picture from 13th March below for comparison. The cornice triggered avalanche has occurred in the warmer temperatures since then although most likely a few days ago.

A picture taken on the 13th March for comparison with the picture above. The cornice in the far end of this picture has collapsed in the warmer temperatures since then and a crack appeared behind the near end of the coire rim.

Rime on the Cairngorm weather station formed in the colder temperatures overnight. When I was at the summit at 1230 the summit temperature was still -1.6 degrees C and the summit was in the cloud. Later in the afternoon the cloud cleared and the temperature rose slightly.

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