Significant drifting

19th January 2024

Significant drifting of snow was the theme today resulting in some widespread areas of unstable windslab.  Despite the weather forecast for today predicting snow throughout, we seemed to be on the verge of the precipitation line and as a result it was a dry morning in the Northern Cairngorms.  It was only around early afternoon did snow showers start to become established.  Tomorrow looks even windier, resulting in further redistribution of the existing snow.  The freezing level will slowly start to rise during the day allowing a slow consolidation process to start, especially at lower elevations.

Drifting snow easily seen from the valley floor in the morning.

A bleak landscape in the spindrift.

An even bleaker landscape in the spindrift. 

Battening down the hatches at around 1000 metres.

Trying, and failing, to capture wind transported snow.

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