A hint of a return to more seasonal temperatures

21st February 2024

A sharp and short return to winter overnight and this morning before the freezing level started creeping upwards once again – around 0°C on the summit of Cairn Gorm at midday.  Any fresh snow that did fall to all intents and purposes has gone.  The freezing level has now started to lower which will bring snow overnight down to mid mountain level.  Expect to see a ‘whiter’ picture tomorrow.

Above: Rainbows – produced when sunlight strikes raindrops in front of the viewer at a precise angle.  The colours on a primary rainbow are always in order of their wavelength, from longest to shortest: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. 

Above: The Cairngorm Mountain Ranger Service.

Above: A brief glimpse of Coire Cas around noon. The light dusting of fresh snow which was present above c.900 metres in the morning, disappeared later in the day.  

Above: historical view showing the temperature taking an abrupt nose dive around 1445.

Above: a late afternoon clearing showing Coire an Lochain.

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  • Oliver Craig
    22nd February 2024 3:06 pm

    Let’s hope so as January and February have been too mild for the time of year.

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