Avalanche debris

17th March 2024

An excellent day for observing mountain conditions, especially taking into account the period of instability expected last night.  We visited 2 high North facing coires – Cas and Sneachda – and counted 6 fresh avalanche debris paths. A good indicator that other locations with the same aspect, altitude and angle will have similar indicators. A consolidating theme continues tomorrow.

Above: #1 Debris observed in Coire Cas.

 Above: #1 Debris observed in Coire Cas. A size 2 and the biggest seen during our observations.

Above: #2, #3 & #4 Multi debris sightings. All North-West aspects, c. 1050m.

Above: #5 Debris below the Trident Gullies.

Above: #6 A 0.5 avalanche half way down 0.5 Gully – hard to see in the photo.

Above: #1 of 3 Mountain hares spotted today in full commitment mode for tackling the Cas Headwall. No hares were damaged in the taking of this photo. 

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  • Craig Burry
    18th March 2024 9:43 am

    Following rabbits on to loaded convex slopes is a classic hare-istic trap…

    Good to see you both yesterday!

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